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Rooted in its DNA, Syndis Ltd embodies prestigious management of condominiums and land association residences. Our mission is twofold: to enhance heritage and elevate the quality of life within each residence, all while maintaining exemplary financial management.

Our true calling is to revolutionise the property management profession by presenting an innovative approach focused on the satisfaction of co-owners, providing excellent service, and a pleasant experience. We manage properties with rigor, personalise the experience for each co-owner, and take care of both the structure and individuals.

Positioned in the luxury market, we meet the expectations of a demanding international clientele in search of an exceptional way of living. We provide smooth and reliable digital tools to facilitate our services. Internally, we strengthen our expertise by recruiting diverse profiles, all while embodying professional ethics that reflect our vision of excellence and success.

Our services

01 Gestion de copropriété

Sustain a direct connection with you, supporting you in your day-to-day management and guiding you through the exciting and intricate nuances of current legislation.

Syndic Management


Maintain close relationships with our carefully selected service providers, to deliver responsive, flexible, and high-quality solutions to you on a daily basis.

Contract management

02 Gestion des travaux

Ensure the proper functioning of the residence by overseeing preventive and corrective maintenance.

Works Management

04 Gestion Financière et Comptable

Engage in rigorous financial management, ensuring precise control over both regular and extraordinary budgets.

Financial and Accounting Management

Support and Advice for Property Developers and Land Developers

Syndis provides a service offering guidance and advice to property developers and land developers from the creation of regulations to the establishment of the co-ownership.

We offer an objective and knowledgeable perspective on crucial condominium elements, such as expense distributions, rights and obligations of co-owners, and operational rules of the residency.

During the establishment of the co-ownership, we ensure the proper appointment of the Syndic, the preparation of budget forecasts, and the publication of documents for prospective co-owners and legal services.

We also conduct awareness sessions for co-owners, covering rights, responsibilities, residence operational rules, common area management, and decision-making procedures.

In case of disputes between co-owners and the developer, we offer mediation services to facilitate amicable conflict resolution and hence avoid legal proceedings.

The above-mentioned services may vary based on the specific needs of property developers and land developers. It is recommended to discuss your requirements in detail during a meeting so that we can determine the services tailored for your situation.

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